Relco induction sealing technology used by 3 leading US based manufacturers of infant formula when launching product in new multi-layer plastic containers

Watford – Relco UK successfully implemented new induction sealing technology for an infant formula production line in Vermont, USA making its third successful launch in the US formula market.

induction sealed

The state of art container and closure combination is hermetically sealed protecting sensitive food nutrients, preventing oxidation, degradation and contamination of a product. The practical rectangular design has emerged as successor to rounded cans. The new shape saves space on shelves, in transport and warehousing delivering significant efficiency gains. The built in scoop, quantity leveller and easy zip opening are highly convenient for consumers whilst the innovative design conveys an enhanced product image and quality.

induction sealed

Relco direct induction sealing technology has been deployed over several years in many food, beverage and pharmaceutical production lines. Working together with customers on a new packaging development from the outset utilises our expertise to its full potential delivering optimum pack design, sealing performance and operational efficiency.

Similac ADVANCE® is registered mark of Abbott Laboratories. SIMPLY RIGHT gentle® is registered mark of Sam’s CLUB. Gerber GOOD START® is registered mark of Nestlé.


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