Medical & Diagnostic

Medical & Diagnostic Application

Laboratory automation is changing the work flow in biochemical and chemical laboratories. In smaller labs, automating the mundane processes improves quality and reduces labour. High sample load centres requires fully automated PCR assays to cope with demand of today’s society.
Relco’s induction sealers hermetically seal multiwell plates, PCR tubes, diagnostic and sampling tools. Sealed containers could be as small as few millimetres in diameter, made of plastic, glass or metal.

Capless sealing is a cost effective technology for preserving sterility inside the container, preventing leaks and contamination. Contents can be accessed either by piercing with a needle or peeling the seal back depending upon materials and process.

Capless sealing enables simple container design without the need for threads and caps. The Relco Punch&Seal system allows for highly accurate foil cutting, placement and induction sealing in one stroke. This technology also overcomes the difficulties of foil handling and placement found with conduction heat-sealing equipment since the induction head is at ambient temperature and the internal vacuum holds the foil in place on the head whilst it is transferred and until the sealing process is complete. Induction sealing also provides increased reliability, greater up-time, a higher degree of process control and a safer working environment as there is no direct heat in the tooling.

A further advantage is that Relco’s sealers can place a seal inside of a container. This way containers can be divided by multiple layers into cavities. This opens new possibilities for design of clever containers with aggregated content. These containers can hold multiple compounds and samples without interference, but when required content could be merged by breaking the foil layers as required.

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