• All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Seals 38mm to 138mm Diameter Caps
  • High Efficiency
  • Optimised Sealing Performance
  • Mobile from Line to Line
  • High Production Rates

The MICS-3 is a high power self contained induction cap sealing machine designed to fit into most line arrangements without modification. Its in-built castors allow the machine to be moved easily from line to line, secured in place by use of the adjustable feet and plugged in to the nearest 220v-240v single phase mains electricity supply. The 3KW solid state induction generator is housed in an IP55 rated lockable enclosure with a remote start/stop console for external control. Facilities are provided as standard for interlocking the sealing power of the unit to the conveyor. A flashing beacon on the top of the unit indicates that sealing power has been shut down or latched off.

The extra long 700mm induction sealing head provides more power over a greater area for improved sealing performance at higher output speeds and with wide-mouth containers. The MICS-3 is designed to seal containers in the range of 38mm through to 130mm of varying design without change parts. The seal head mounting is fully adjustable allowing for the levelling of the head to the conveyor in both planes and the ‘skewing’ of the coil to maximise exposure where necessary for larger containers. Relco also manufacture custom built sealing heads and ‘tunnel coils’ for particular applications and unusual closure designs.

A full range of optional extras are available with the MICS-3 including missing foil detectors, back-up queue and container jam detectors, cocked cap detectors, container ejectors, under/over voltage protection and uprated cooling systems for high temperature locations.

Requirements description
Mains Power 220-240v a/c Single Phase 16A, 50Hz
Components description
Sealing Head Nylon induction head housing
Frame Stainless steel frame and control cabinet IP55
Performance container
280 cpm Top Down Style Closure
225 cpm Ø 36 mm Flip Top
320 cpm Ø 63 mm
185cpm Ø 80 mm
70cpm Ø 100 mm
Size & Weight description
Weight 100Kg
Dimensions 450mm x 585mm x 1780mm with 700mm long induction coil

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