ICS 600


The ICS 600 is the most compact, lightweight induction cap sealing machine currently available. This unit has a fully variable power output of up to 600W and can seal containers ranging from 10mm through to 90mm in diameter. Depending upon cap size, the ICS600 can seal between 6 and 12 caps per minute making it ideal for product development, laboratory or low volume production requirements. Weighing less than 3Kg, this unit can fit into a small carry case for occasions when portability is required. A light weight hand applicator and 2m flex come with the unit as standard and a mains power switch/indicator, power and cycle time adjustment knobs and status indicators are located on the front panel.

Requirements description
Mains Power 220-240v a/c Single Phase 3A, 50Hz
Mains Power America 110-130v a/c Single Phase 5A, 60Hz
Components description
Sealing Head Nylon induction coil housing
Frame Stainless steel frame and control cabinet IP55
Hand Applicators Ø70mm or Ø90mm
Performance container
12 cpm Ø 10 mm
6 cpm Ø 70 mm
Size & Weight description
Weight 2.75Kg
Dimensions 250mm x 260mm x 100mm

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