• Perfect Seal Consistency
  • Accurate to +/- 0.5mm
  • Output Speeds 20-120 containers / min
  • Food & Pharmaceutical grade machine finish

The Relco FCS-F is a fully automatic stand alone in-line foil sealing machine designed to work with a wide range of container shapes and sizes. Relco induction sealing technology provides perfect seal consistency, lower sealing time, reduced energy consumption and improved operator safety.

Every FCS-F machine is configured to customer needs. FCS-F could be designed from three sealing heads up to twelve (in two lanes of 6) according to the required performance. The FCS-F can be built in the required finish/materials, standard control equipment is from Mitsubishi but Siemens or Allen Bradley are available as options.

The system can be configured to operate with different sized containers using tool-free quick change ‘Punch&Seal’ cartridges. In conjunction with the ‘Recipe’ function in the HMI, it is possible to save settings and assign them to each head so that the machine will automatically adjust its profile to the heads which have been fitted.

This system uses the patented Relco ‘Punch&Seal’ single stroke foil cutting, locating and sealing tooling. Well known within industry for high quality seals and reliable operation.

Requirements description
Mains Power 220-240v Single Phase with Neutral (16A)
Compressed Air 5-7 Bar / 80-100 p.s.i.
Air Consumption 200 Litres/Minute at full speed
Components description
Pneumatics SMC cylinders
SMC Airprep oil free pneumatic system with lockable safety shut-off valve,
self draining water trap and regulator.
Solenoids SMC 24v DC Solenoid Valves.
PLC Mitsubishi Fx3n
HMI Mitsubishi 810 colour touch-screen display
Generators Relco P800 (800W) solid state induction generators
Sealing Heads Relco TiN coated tool steel punch cylinders, changeable facing plate.
Reel Holders Quick change Aluminium & Polycarbonate reel carrier with fully adjustable internal friction clutch
Guarding Fully Interlocked Polycarbonate.
Safety Omron independent 2 channel safety relay with air
Size & Weight description
Weight * 480Kg typical for 3 heads configuration
Dimensions * wide 2000mm x deep 970mm x high 1700mm
* Machines are built with the number of sealing heads and overall proportions of the being variable to accommodate required output rates.

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