A powerful,versatile hand operated induction cap sealing machine with a fully variable power output of up to 1kW capable of sealing containers ranging from 15mm through to 115mm in diameter. When sealing caps in the region of 50mm diameter,this machine can achieve an output of 12 containers per minute. The unit comes complete with a light-weight hand applicator for easy use which is connected to the power pack by a 2 metre flex. The control panel features a mains power switch/indicator, vernier power and cycle time adjustment knobs, LED power meter and status indicators.

Requirements description
Mains Power 220-240v a/c Single Phase 5A, 50Hz
Components description
Sealing Head Nylon induction coil housing
Hand Applicators Ø70mm, Ø90mm or Ø115mm
Performance container
Variable 100W-1KW Ø 15 – Ø 115 mm
12 cpm Ø 50 mm
Size & Weight description
Weight 8 Kg
Dimensions 230mm x 450mm x 170mm

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