• Stainless steel IP67 unit
  • PLC controlled for integration into OEM systems
  • Full digital power control from 80W to 800W
  • Universal system – seals any size/type of container
  • No external cooling required

The Relco P-800 is an 800W solid state induction sealing system built in modular construction for OEM incorporation into a wide range of filling and sealing machines. The induction sealing heads are specially designed by Relco exactly to meet customer requirements (both for standard foil in cap’ and ‘capless’ applications). These sealing heads can be mounted directly on the customer’s sealing turret, onto an indexing star-wheel or in a linear indexing system. The P-800 sealing heads can even be fitted inside an Aseptic filing chamber or into other ESL filling lines allowing hermetic sealing of bottles whilst still in the aseptic/sterile atmosphere.

The P-800 is designed to provide maximum flexibility for use in all sealing applications whether with or without a cap (ie. as a replacement for conduction sealing). This system can be used to retro-fit onto existing sealing machines where it can replace old conduction sealing heads and upgrade the machine to induction. The P-800 is extremely compact, requires no external cooling and can be fitted into almost any kind of filler/sealer with very little modification. The P-800 is connected to the sealing heads, a power source (220-240v single phase) and wired to the customer’s PLC.

Requirements description
Mains Power 220-240v a/c Single Phase 5A
Components description
Connectors Hirschmann CA3LD, Hirschmann CA3LS, Hirschmann CA6LS
Size & Weight description
Weight Typicaly 3.1Kg
Dimensions wide 215mm x deep 130mm x 60mm

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