Increased Efficiency

Sealing heat is created within foil, no waste heat is released into environment

Sealing heads are using precise amount of energy to create a bond and they have zero consumption on standby

Picture on the right shows thermo image of a sealed lid by Relco’s Direct Induction Sealing Head. Heat is created only where it is needed to create seal.

Total Control

Real time digital control over induction power level (temperature)

Exact control of induction cycle time

Precise control of sealing pressure via sealing head

Ability to maintain pressure on foil during ‘cooling’ phase

Measurement of induction power on each seal possible =100% QA validation


Improved Productivity

Significant reliability improvements as no heat is present in the components

Instant start-up & shut-down

Fast sealing cycle times

Clean sealing

Greater operator safety with cold sealing head

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